Project description

Modern strategy of power development in our country supposes switching to the wide use of energy renewable and ecologically clean sources. In particular, switching to the fuel from biomass, and to one of his varieties – wood pellets.

Climate Engineering Company, LTD takes an active part in this process. At the end of 2014 our company developed and installed a complex of pellet module boiler room with power 500 kW for the shopping network of Aushan. A complex was started in work in hypermarket Aushan Petrivka (Kyiv) in January, 2015.

The complex of pellet module boiler room includes a module of boiler room, in which the water boiler Vissmann Vitoplex 200 SX2A, with the pellet gas-ring Pelltech PV-500 is set, a knot of storage and serve of pellets (receiving bunker, silo with volume of 43 m3, noria for load and conveyor for the serve of pellets), and also a smoke pipe. Module pellet boiler room is integrated with the existent gas boiler room of hypermarket. Thus a gas boiler room works only in the period of peak-loads.

Application of modern technical decisions, the high degree of automation allows to exploit all complex of pellet module boiler room with minimum expenses, getting a considerable economy on heating as compared to the use of gas.