Project description

Office and living center “Panorama”, 20 V.Zhitomyrska str., Kyiv.

The office premises area equals to 12,400 square meters, living area equals to 16,500 square meters, underground parking area is 2800 square meters.

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems of this center are designed and installed by our Company.

Systems type:

The heating is a radiator heating system. The source of heating supply are 3 individual heat exchangers and roof gas boiler as a reserve.

The ventilation system includes central conditioners, situated on each floor, and chiller, which is located on the roof.

With the help of central conditioners fresh air is prepared and than, through the air ducts, is supplied to all offices. The regulation of microclimate in the premises is performed with the help of fancoils. The system of heat recuperation is used here.

In the parking the air supply and exhaust system is installed.

For elevator shafts and staircases the systems of excess air pressure are designed.