Designing of engineering systems

The design department of our company consists of high qualified and experienced professionals. The first step is the provision of business offer and technical description of the system to a Client. After making terms with the Client on essential constructive and financial issues, the work on the project is started.

In the course of project works our staff constantly attends the object and cooperate with the concerned organizations.

The process of designing is performed by means of latest software.

Equipment and materials supply

Our personnel select, purchase and supply the equipment to the object.

For installation we use exclusively the materials that are properly certified and allowed under the legislation of Ukraine.

Our company supply and install chillers produced by Daikin and Carrier, air handling units of GEA and Wolf, fancoils of GEA and Carrier, canal air-conditioner Carrier, split systems of several manufactures, ventilation equipment of Rosenberg and Kanalflakt.

Control systems are elaborated on the base of controllers T.A.C., Schneider Electric etc.

But if desired by the Client the equipment of other producers may be installed.

All the equipment has a guarantee on the term of 12 months from the day of setting in operation, but no more than for 18 months from the moment of delivery to the object.

Installation and starting-up works

The management of works of each object is performed by an appointed manager, who is responsible for organization of production process and control over all the stages of works begining from the designing and finishing with the starting-up.

Our company includes brigades of workers that install ventilation, heating and control systems. All installation brigades are equipped with high quality instruments and measuring equipment.

When the installation is complete, the starting-up of mounted system is performed. This process includes the balancing of air flows and heat carrier, the testing of the equipment, the issuing of all necessary documents and the checking out of the programs of automatic control of heating and ventilation systems.

Technical service

One of our spheres of activity is technical service, that is performed under service agreement with a Client.

All the service subdivisions have automobiles and mobile connection that allows them to act quickly when required by the Clients. The large objects have permanent service brigades.

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