Shopping and entertainment center «DreamTown» (1 and 2 Sections).

The total area equals to 160 000 square meters.

Shopping and entertainment center «DreamTown» is situated in the heart of the Obolon district of Kyiv in Obolon Avenue. This center consists of two parts: Section 1 is situated between two subway stations Obolon and Minska and Section 2 is between subway stations Minska and Heroiv Dnipra.

The distinctive feature of center is a presence of objects of the most various kinds in it, beginning from shops (in which it is possible to find everything – from a mobile telephone to the jewelry and fur coats), food supermarkets Novus and Kosmos, furniture salons, cafes, restaurants, fast food cafes, pizzerias, ending with entertainment centers for active rest – bowling, billiards, curling, rollerdrome, ice skating rink and 8-hall movie theater «Oscar».

One of the unique places a «Jurassic Aquapark» is in the «DreamTown». It is the biggest indoor aquapark in the Europe. It’s total area equals to 24 000 square meters.

All this variety of premises determines the climate control systems of this shopping and entertainment center.

The systems of air heating, ventilation and air conditioning are based on central air conditioners Wolf.

For systems of exhaust ventilation from cooking departments of restaurants and cafes and technological premises of supermarkets the special exhaust kitchen units were installed, products of Wolf as well.

The source of chill of the complex is 8 cold producing machines Carrier, which are organized in 4 cold supply stations.

The source of heat supply of the Section 1 is the city heating system. Section 2 has two sourses: the main source of heat supply of the Section 2 is 10 air heat-pumps of York, the reserve one – electric boilers.

Optimal temperature and humidity of premises of Aquapark is supported by 14 central air handling units Wolf with built-in heat-pumps, which have functions of ventilation, heating and drainage.

Safety of shopping and entertainment center «DreamTown» provides, except for other, by modern system of antismoky defence which counts 97 roof smoke exhaust fans produced by the company «Interkondicioner».

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