The precise systems of air conditioning are installed in a server room of the company UMC.

Modern telecommunication industry demands extraordinarily claims on efficiency and reliability of the systems of maintenance of microclimate in premises, in which the equipment of the base stations, switchboards etc. is placed.

Climate Engineering Company, LTD executed a number of works for the similar sort of technical premises, including for the company of mobile communication UMC, row of the Ukrainian and foreign banks.

In these systems duplication of the basic systems of maintenance of microclimate is used, the most modern systems of automatic control are set with possibility of the controlled from distance monitoring, including over the internet.

The specialty of the systems offered by us for powerful telecommunication knots is a function of «free cooling». This function provides heat extract by means of the use of outward air in the night-time, and also in a cold period of year, that makes the considerable economy of energy resources.

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