Designing of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems

The personnel of Climate Engineering Company, LTD consists of high qualified and experienced professionals in designing climate systems for variety of objects: from private cottages to the large industrial, bussiness, shopping and entertainment and dwelling-houses of premium class giants.
Our company executes designing of any stage – from a draft design to the working project. In the process of designing our specialists closely co-operate with contiguous specialities, and also obtain all necessary approvals in supervisory organizations.
In our projects we use the last scientific and software achievements in ventilation, air conditioning and heating, apply the equipment of leading world producers and materials of the highest quality.
All project decisions conform with the Client for receiving the system optimum on a criterion «price-quality». In the process of installation our specialists carry out an architectural supervision after implementation of works in accordance with the designed project.

Installation of ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems

Climate Engineering Company, LTD installs ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems of any complexity on any kind of objects.
Our company carries out installation of equipment of any complicacy, including chief-editing. Assembling works are produced by well-qualified specialists, passing internship in the educational centers of producers of equipment and having certificates, confirming permission for all types of installation works.
In assembling systems of ventilation, air conditioning and heating high-quality materials and accessory items, having all necessary certificates and permissions for application in Ukraine, are used only.
All assembling subdivisions are acquainted with the newest technologies in installation works, equipped high-quality instruments and measuring technique.

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