Designing of automation and centralized control systems

Systems of automation and centralized control accept and process data from several systems, archive them, operatively represent events, manage the controlled objects, form reports.
Our specialists carry out the complex designing automation of of such engineerings systems:
• systems of illumination;
• water supply and sewage systems;
• ventilation and air conditioning systems;
• pumpings stations and heat exchangers;
• boiler rooms and heating supply systems;
• thermal energy incoming meters, inputs of liquid and gas;
• refrigeration stations and chilled water supply systems;
• systems of excess air pressure and smoke exhaust systems;
• power supply and assured power supply systems;
• fire suppression water systems;
• other systems of automation.
High qualification of our staff and long-term experience allow us to desing and install systems of automation and centralized control in minimum terms, to find an optimum technical decision for every object with the observance of valid legislative base, taking into account the wish of Customer.

Installation of automation and centralized control systems

Specialists of Climate Engineering Company, LTD carrying out installation and starting-up works, pass teaching and qualifying attestation, have necessary admittance documents on electrical safety. They also work by means of professional instrument, which have passed necessary certification.
After putting into operation all systems of object a Client gets the complete set of documents for the installed equipment — certificates, guarantee coupons, service manuals.

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