Designing of antismoky defence system

In construction of modern buildings much attention is given to effective fire safety measures. One of the main tasks is creation of the reliable system of antismoky defence, which must extract smoke, arising up at a fire and supply outside air for providing excess air pressure in staircases, elevator shafts and tambour-gateways. A goal of these measures is arrangement of safe ways for evacuation of people from premises which are aflame, reduction of financial losses from fire due to generated heat extract, creation of safe work conditions for firefighters, discovery and liquidation of fire seats.

Climate Engineering Company, LTD consists of skilled, certificated specialists, able to decide any tasks on antismoky defence of buildings of different complication. As a rule, our projects are distinguished by complex approach which includes development of both mechanical part of the system of antismoky defence and development of control box and system of automatic control of antismoky defence on the whole, and also tying up our project with contiguous organizations.

Our company uses in its projects the equipment of leading domestic and foreign producers, which have a certificate for application in our country.

Installation of antismoky defence system

Installation department of our company has sufficient number of engineering personnel, which have passed appropriate teaching for assembling the systems of antismoky defence.

Climate Engineering Company, LTD offeres installation of the systems of antismoky defence «turnkey». It provides for supplying with equipment, installation of the system, starting-up and adjustment works, tests and handing over of the system to the organs of the State Fire Supervision, and also subsequent technical service.

Climate Engineering Company, LTD is a complex solution of questions of object’s antismoky defence and is a guarantee of quality implementation of project and installation works.

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